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5 year old Jadon Dixon is in need of a life – saving operation @ John Hopkins Hospital in America. He presently lives in Spanish Town, St Catherine Jamaica. He has multiple fast growing benign tumours in his head, and needs medical attention.

Jadon’s mother is unemployed and unable to finance his life saving operation. Jadon will need to be sent to the United States along with his mother for complex surgery on his head if he is to see out the next 12 months.

As a result of the tumour growth Jadon is unable to breath unaided. He was born seemingly a normal child, but at one month old, when his mother, Tracey-Ann Lothian of Spanish Town, St Catherine felt little bumps at the back of his head and sought attention, doctors told her they were lymph modes.

Yet she realised they were not only growing, but clustering and obstructing his airway. Taking the serious nature of his condition our charity as chosen to support this well deserving fundraising appeal.

Our aim is to raise £15,000


Jadon & Erma Lewis in October 2014


5 year old Jadon Dixon

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Bank: Lloyds Bank
Account Name: Erma’s Jamaica Hospital Appeal Fund
Account No: 01018567
Sort Code: 30-99-36

Erma’s Jamaica Hospital Appeal Fund is a registered charity number 1094066.

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